Upcoming Event

Take a Stand
for Democracy!
In Massachusetts

Join Governor Mitt Romney and concerned Massachusetts citizens

Sunday, November 19, 1:30 PM
Massachusetts State House

As he demands that the state legislature uphold their oath of office and Vote on the Marriage Amendment.

The Massachusetts legislature arrogantly has chosen not to vote on the people's amendment on marriage - in violation of our state constitution. Media outlets around the Commonwealth and around the country are denouncing the legislature for their dereliction of duty.

It's Time for the Citizens of Massachusetts to
Hold Beacon Hill Accountable!

ARTICLE 48 | Massachusetts Constitution

"Final legislative action in the joint session upon any amendment shall be taken only by call of the yeas and nays, which shall be entered upon the journals of the two houses."

Though VoteOnMarriage will not be sponsoring any buses to this event, there are buses that will be available. Also, there is public transportation (bus and train) and schedules are available at www.mbta.com.

As the details for the buses become available, they will be listed below:


  • Location: St. Agnes Parish (Parking Lot)
    30 Medford St., Arlington
  • Departure Time: 12:45 PM
  • Contact Person: Tom Harvey 617-710-3616

Cape Cod (Sagamore)

  • Location: Sagamore Bus stop
  • Departure Time: 12 Noon
  • Return Time (approx.): 4:30 PM
  • Pat Stebbins 508-833-8432

Chicopee/Western Mass.

  • Location: Plantation Inn of New England
    295 Burnett Road, Chicopee
    MassPike Exit 6
  • Departure Time: 11:00 AM
  • Contact: Mike Franco


  • Location: K-Mart Plaza
    140 Whalon St., Fitchburg
  • Departure Time: 12 Noon
  • Contact: Stand New England 978-665-9111
    Or 888-310-7729

New Bedford

  • Location: Shawmut Diner
    943 Shawmut Ave., New Bedford
  • Departure Time: 12 Noon
  • Approx. Return Time: 3:45 PM
  • Contact: Phil Paleologos 508-982-7734


  • Location: Immaculate Conception
    Corner of Beach and Winthrop Streets in Revere
  • Departure Time: 1:00 PM Sharp
  • Parking Lot
  • Contact: Kathy Magno 617-257-5187 or


  • Location: St. Mary's of the Nativity
    1 Kent St., Scituate
  • Departure Time: 12:45 PM (Arrive at 12:30 PM)
  • Contact: Dianne Duffin 781-545-4383


  • Location: Redstone Shopping Center
    (Behind the Ground Round)
  • Departure Time: 12:45 PM
  • Contact: Rita Covelle 781-438-2558


  • Location: St. Joan of Arc Church
    Lincoln St., Worcester
  • Departure Time: 12 Noon
  • Park to the right
  • Contact: Shari Worthington 508-397-6345



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